Hi Sweeties! I go by the name Kayima o VKayima (Viki Kayima). I'm a blogger and this year I'm going to graduate in the university. I'm studying phylosophy, and I'd like to be teacher but...Who Knows? I have many interests and I like to do many different things! ^^
Some of my interests are Japan, fashion, Korea, photography, music, books and creepy-cute things!
My dream is travel to Japan (and I'd like to live there) and visit Osaka, Tokyo, Harajuku...all Japan!

Name: Victoria
Birthdate: Septiembre 20
Country: Spain
Sign: Virgo
Height: 165cm
Weight: I/You don't need to know it ¬¬...
Natural Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown with green (Hazel)
Shoe: 25,5cm
Camera: Sony alpha 330

Color: Black, Grey, Violet
Food: Chocolate, pizza, Japanese/Chinese Food
Drink: Keep Calm & Drink TEA!
Music: Metal, Rock, J-rock, K-pop...Bands: Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Dir en grey, Mejibray, EXO, Block B, Big Bang, 2ne1, Trivium, Lordy, Gallows, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, An cafe, The Gazette, Moi Dix Mois...I-LOVE-MUSIC!!
Hobby: Fashion, BJDs, sew & read.
Brands Love: Y.R.U, Long Clothing, Killstar, Glavil, Listen Flavor, Gosth of Harlem, Sex Pot, Monomania
Love: Creepy thing & kawaii cute things. I like those opposite sides. Black to Pink ^//^. Wolves (they are my obsession), wigs, PLATFORMS, circle lenses...